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August 30, 2018 Thursday, 5:30pm

East of Decatur on highway 36. Located North of Junction 36/32
on highway 32 at
LaPlace Auction House, 210 W Front St, LaPlace IL 61936


Display Case 7' Wide x 54" Deep x 33 3/4" Tall, Sliding Mirror Doors,
lighted, updated LED bulbs, bottom has storage 2 shelves on each side. Closed open sign,
Display case with glass top, front, sides & sliding doors with three Glass Shelves  6' wide x 26" deep x 41 1/4" tall,
Wood/Glass Display Case: 34"X 22X42
R.C. Allen Cash Register - Grand Rapids, MI  (Works) Came out of the Hadden Jewelry Store in Atwood, IL,
9' Fairbury, Nebraska Windmill Tail "No 7";
5’5" Weathered Light Blue Boat Oar, Red/White Enamelware Basin,
Vanity Fair Political Saltire Picture "Anti Rent" Sept. 11, 1880,
Vanity Fair Political Saltire Picture "A Gentle Shepard Who Would
Lead His Flock into the Protectionist Fold", Vanity Fair Political Saltire Picture " A Nonconformist Genius", Oliver Iron & Steel Corp.
Wooden Crate, #2 Wooden/Metal Broom-corn Cutter Machine,
21" Blade Wood Handle Meat Saw, 24" Tall Artificial Pine Tree/Burlap bottom, Made in Ecuador Maracas Carriage Candle Lantern,
16" Russ Berrie Company Teddy Bear "Toffee",
19" Blade Wood Handle Meat Saw, Hardcover 1926 Cattle of the World National Geographic Book, Wood/Metal Hay Knife, Buggy Seat,
Copper Boiler, Canvas/Metal Horn Seed Sower, Slaw Cutter w/3 Blades, Metal Bar Scale w/2 Weights, Metal Cow Shackles, Enterprise Manufacturing Co. No 22 Hand Crank Meat Grinder,
Railroad Switch Broom, Wire Milk Crate, Wooden/Metal Railroad Freight Cart that came out of the Cerro Gordo, Illinois freight depot.
Wear Ever Coffee Pot, Rusty Dietz No 40 Railroad Lantern,
Pards American Bangora Cowboy Hat 6 7/8", Cowboy Hat size 7,
Wire Milk Crate, Metal Wheeling Gasoline Can, Metal Union Leader
Cut Plug Tobacco Tin, Cast Iron Railroad Caboose Hot Water Heater.
Wood Crate, Wooden/Metal Horse Hitch Splitter, Tote/Tool Caddy,
Wood Pulley with Rope Hanger, Wire Milk Crate, Griswald's No 11
Hand Crank Meat Grinder, Beer Crate Griesedieck Brothers,
Metal Cotton Bale Scale, Railroad Tie Tongs, 3-Twig Broom,
Corrugated Metal Bin with Rope Handles,
100 Year old Barn Door out of the Hershbarger Barn, Atwood, IL, Corrugated Utensil Caddy, Small Round Galvanized Tin Table,
Cambridge Blue Birdcage, Strand of greenery, Grey Granite Coffee Pot, Willow Wood Baby Rocker, Divided Chicken Feeder,
Rock-ola Mfg. Co., Shoulder Yoke to Carry Water,
Bale Fork, Homegrown Bucket w/Wooden Handle on Bail,
Pre 1950 John Deere Planter Box, Pepsi Crate, Dairy Caddy,
Underwood Typewriter w/ Case, Ceramic Egg, Ceramic Egg,
White Pip Berry Center Piece W/ pinecones,
Samsonite Brown Suitcase, Black Double Handle Suitcase,
Wooden Long Bow, Ben Pearson Junior Jet Right Hand Recurve,
Small Copper Pot, PS & WC Small Scale,
John Hatillo & Sons NY Brass Scale, Frays Brass 50 LB. Scale,
Belouze Mfg. Co. Old Scale,
Hall Tree Old Barnwood, "No. 1" Metal Green Square Bin,
1920s Post Cards, Metal Canning Jar Lid Candle Holder,
Black Metal Candle Holder, Ladys'1950's Brown Hat,
Knox NY. Hat Box, Gohn Bros. Hat Box, Mink Fur Collar,
Victorian Metal Mannequin Form,
White/Brown Tall Hat Box W/ Handle 18,
Mr. John Junior 1964 Faux Snake Skin Hat Box W/ Hat,
Ceramic Egg, Rooster 11" Tall, White Wood/Metal Tray Table,
Galvanized container with red wooden lid/rope handle,
Vintage Clutch Purse, Two Tiered Tray, Creme Crochet Bakelite Purse, Large Galvanized Metal Table, National No 2 Metal Storage Bin,
Aishi Green Lense Sunglasses, Two Tiered Wire Basket,
White Fur Head Band & Purse, 6 comp. galvanized Metal Caddy, Corrugated Metal Bin, Chicago Theatrical Satin Lace Up Ballet Slippers, Black Four Shelf Metal Wire Rack, White Fur Trim Pink Baby Shoes, Leather Baby Shoes, Pink Baby Booties, Kentucky Tobacco Stick,
Red Rusty Metal Stool, Wicker Basket, Maxine Orange Lady’s Hat,
Small Metal Mesh Mannequin Form, Lace Brown Hat, Table Cloth,
Doilies, Table Runner, Quilt Pieces, SQ Doily, Metal Button Covers,
Metal Button Covers, Blue Umbrella, Tan Umbrella,
Light Brown Umbrella, Dark Brown Umbrella, Large Wooden Shoes, Burgundy Wicker Basket, Mink Stole Furs-J Eugene Trefz Paris,
Brown Ladies Hat, Brown Wrought Iron Chair,
Baby Blue Electric Lantern, No. 1 National Standard Storage Bin,
Pillow Sham, Fabric & sewing material, Napkins, X-mas Tea Towel,
Jolles Original Austria Purse, Wood Rocking Chair, Beaded Purse,
Cloth Purse, Handmade Brown Australian Leather Custom Riding Boots, Philippines’ Birdcage, Beaded White Purse, Hand Carved Round Wood Table, Fur Stole, Table Runner, Mr. Henri of N.Y. Hat Box,
Essays & Essay Writing by William M. Tanner 1918,
1914- The After House by: Mary Roberts Rinehart,
Metal Doll House W/ Accessories, Wooden Chair W/Cushion,
Cloth Angel Doll, Palgrave The Golden Treasure 1919,
Prose Literature For Secondary Schools 1910 by Margaret Ashman,
Black Wooden Bird Cage, Watering Can, Davey Crockett Outfit W/ Hat, 1950 Indian Costume W/ Headband & Scalp, Wooden Ladder 5'3", 8 Ft. Toboggan Adirondack 1970s, Birdcage Throw Pillow,
Shade Frame Light, Burnt Orange Wood Trim Settee used only in Photography Studio, Rag Balls, Metal Umbrella Stand, 2-Step Wooden Ladder, Wooden Nail Keg, Forged Silage Fork, Frame Saw,
1940's Foot operated Potato Planter, Hay Scythe, Large Galvanized Container - cork stopper, Electric Lamp w/floral glass shade & glass chimney, Chandelier, White Enamel Coffee Pot, Granite Coffee Pot,
Old Green Tricycle, Grape Vine Basket, Westinghouse Tube Radio,
Carrom Board w/Game pieces & pool cue, 30-Day Clock-Aikosha Japan, Jute Wrapped Wine Bottle, Wine Glass,
Olen Humhries Stone Co. Ashmore, IL 1961 Calendar, Metal Basket, Medium Swan, Large Swan, Canvas Floral Print in Frame,
Galvanized Wall Hanging Pockets (No 1, No2, No3), 5 Green Shutters
6' 6" tall, One Green Screen Door 6' 11", Primitive Black Hare Inn
-Canvas Wall Hanging, Strand of White Pip Berries, Quilt made from
mens suits, Creme Colored Wall Quilt Rack, Glass Pickle Jar w/wood handle on bail, Marble Top Table, Coffee Grinder, Sock Egg For Darning, Maroon Tin Pitcher, Primitive Crow Sign, Rug Beater, Barnwood Wall Cabinet w/Leaded Glass Door & Hooks, Large Wooden/Glass Lantern, Floral Picture w/frame, Black Trim Screen Door, Galvanized Basket with Metal Handle, Made in Portugal by Creston Crayon Co. Slate Chalk
Board, Wooden Whirligig Windmill/Lighthouse, 1950's Orange Hand-I-Sift,
Wood Windsor Club Cheese Box, Mellomints Satin Finish Tin with Lid, Wooden Cloverbloom Cheese Box 5lb, Tin Cheese Grater,
wood Folk Art Dutch Boy Door Stop, Wooden Bolt Bin,
Wooden Windsor Club Cheese Boxes, Ye Old Toffee Shoppe Tin,
St. Charles Dairy Ice Cream Cup w/Lid paraffin cup,
Primitive Painted Oval Moon/Stars/Sheep Cardboard Box,
Mirro Aluminum Cup, Spindle Snowman, Tin Type Pictures,
Tin Type Picture, Tin Type Picture, Raggedy Andy Glass China Novelty, Patent Pending  Raggedly Ann Glass China Novelty, Ideal Nail Apron,
Glass Door Knob, US Mint Canvas Bag, Yellow Wooden Child's Chair,
Metal Rooster, Morton Washing Machine with Ringer,
Farmers Market w/burlap pig sign, Brass Spittoon,
Barnwood/Horseshoe Rack, Child's Rocking Horse,
Sullivan Dairy Quart Milk Bottle, Galvanized Egg Caddy, Wood Chicken Crate, Log Cabin Dollhouse, Glass Wash Board,
Square Galvanized Tub, Gennessee Dairy Co. Milk Bottle,
Woodman Bee-Smoker, Canvas Jack Sack,
Meadow Gold one Qt. Milk Bottle, Germany White Porcelain Bed Pan, Tropical Cocoa Gunny Sack, Large Round Galvanized Tub,
Sullivan Dairly Milk Bottle, Welmain Clothes Pin Bag,
Burlap Coffee Bag, Round Galvanized Tub, Barnwood/Metal Handle Tote,
2 Door Knob Type Wall Mount Hooks w/Glass Door Knobs,
Argo Laundry Starch Box, Dutch Cleanser Container, Waxoff Box,
Chore Boy Scouring Cloth Box, Know New York Hat Box,
Wrought Iron Doll Chair,
First Aid high top hand turned boots. Made in Japan Vinyl 1960's Gloves, Primitive Step Stool, Dobbs 5th Avenue Hat Box New York,
Griesedieck Brothers Beer Churchkey St. Louis, MO,
Germany Straight Razor by Mann & Federlein,
PA Indiana Straight Razor, Letter Opener Fuller Brush Man,
Case Fishing Knife, Joseph Elliot Straight Razor,
Italy Bar Keep Knife/Opener, OPA Red Point token WWII War Ration,
Aluminum/Bronze Mexican 100 Pesos, 1996 Estados Unidos
Mexicanos Copper-Nickel Clad Nickel, Canadian Lg. 1 cent 1912,
ZIP Cap, Vintage Porcelain Girl Doll, Old Bottle Caps,
Star X Coca Cola Opener, Gainer Feeds, Espana Spoon,
5" Ruler "Woodruff" Swueeks Paper Doll, Brass Clock Key,
Broom of Arcola, Ill Electric Shop, Torremolings Spoon, Mijas Spoon, Mardella Spoon, 1981 Christmas W. Germany Spoon,
Lion’s Club Solid Brass Lion, 1978 Lesney Match Box Shunter,
1978 Lesney Match Box Shunter, Multi opener Stag handle,
Champagne Velvet Beer Opener,
Schueo Piccolo West Germany #762 Crane,
Terre Haute IN C.V. Beer Terra Haute Brewery, Arcuate Opener,
Arcuate Profile Opener, Griesedieck Brothers Beer Churchkey St. Louis, MO, Thimble #9, Purity Dacro Milk Opener, Pool Basket Pin,
Whiting & Davis Co. #284 Mesh Silver Tone Coin Purse,
Made in England Grit Spreader #70 Match Box Truck,
Dragster Tootsie Toy, Commer Milk Truck 1961 #21 Tootsie Toy,
1938 Crane Tootsie Toy, Hot Wheels 1969 Swing-In Wing Car,
1979 Paris Diffusions 2 Piece Hair Combs, Nixon Political Pin,
Nixon Political Pin, Dixon Political Pin, Thompson Governor Political Pin, 1964 Goldwater Pin, Dixon Political Pin,
Ford Edgar Political Button, Ty Fahner Political Pin,
Salesman sample of pair Goodrich Hi-Press Boots,
Fabric seat Chair, Wooden Screen,
Distressed Window Pane, Metal Chicken Candle Holder, Pillar,
Black Framed Beveled Mirror, Perfect Mason Jar with Zinc Lid - #13 jar, 1920's #13 Mason Jar with #13 Zinc Lid, Red Goose Shoe,
Made in England 4 Plastic Regent-Carlton Shuttle Crocks w/Container,
3 made in Japan Spalding Badminton Feather Shuttlecocks w/container,
3 made in USA Spalding Witch Feather Shuttlecocks w/Container, DC Comics! Superboy April #184, 196 Lois Lane DC Superman Comics July #42, World's Finest May #175 DC Superman Comics,
DC Superman Comics Adventure Comics featuring Superboy & the
Legion of Super-Heroes - December #339, Marvel Comics Group - The Incredible Hulk March #173, DC The All - Star Squadron May #9,
DC Enter The Lost World of The Warlord June #22,
Gold Key Turok Son of Stone,
DC Kamandi-The Last Boy on Earth-July No. 7,
August No 6 Marvel Comics Group Chamber of Darkness,
DC Superman Comics The Phantom Stranger-April No. 6,
Star Comics - Defenders of the Earth - March 2,
Gold Key 1967 #1 The Aliens,
DC Strange Adventures December No 239,
DC The Unknown Soldier Star Spangled War - July No. 171,
DC Our Army at War - Featuring SGT. Rock - July No 247,
DC Our Army at War Featuring SGT Rock - October No 237,
DC Star Spangled War Featuring the Unknown Soldier November No.153, DC Our Army at War Featuring SGT Rock - March 1972 No. 243,
DC Our Army at War Featuring SGT Rock - August No. 248,
DC Superman Comics Army at War SGT Rock - March No. 178,
DC Our Army at War Featuring SGT Rock December No. 226,
1975 Gold Key Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge Comic #124,
Whitman 1982 #205 Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge Comic,
1968 August No 10 Gold Key Ripley's Believe It or Not True Demons
& Monsters, 1971 Gold Key Ripley's Believe It or Not True Demons & Monsters October No 29, Gold Key 1969 Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery September No 27, Whitman 1977 Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery No. 78, Whitman 1977 Grimms Ghost Stories No 41, Charlton Comics 1981
Scary Tales No. 26, Charlton Comics 1972 The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves No 30, DC 1981 Secrets of Haunted House No 39, DC 1963 Superman Comics Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane November, DC Strange Adventures December No 233, DC Superman Comics The
Origin of Krypton, The Super-Dog - Superboy January no. 126,
DC Superman Comics The Adventures of Superman when he was a teen-Superboy October No. 160, DC Superman Comics  Superboy - June No. 130 , DC Superman Comics Superboy  June No. 113, DC Superman Comics Superboy - March No.145, DC Superman Comics Superboy - January No 135, DC Justice League of America February No 87,
DC Superman Comics World's Finest - May 157, DC Superman Comics
Starring Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder September No 355,
DC Star Spangled War Stories Featuring the Unknown Soldier - July No 163, DC 1963 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane January No 107,
1957 Dell Comic Sign of the Silver Bullets The Lone Ranger July,
1956 Dell Comic The Return of Dan Reid - The Lone Ranger November, 1956 Dell Comic The Lone Ranger August,
Marvel Comic Group - Rawhide Kid 90 August,
1956 Dell Comic Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan March No 78,
1972 DC Tarzan of the Apes - May No 208, Gold Key 1968 Edgar Rice Burroughs Korak Son of Tarzan February No 21,
DC 1972 Edgar Rice Burroughs Korak son o Tarzan June No 46,
Tootsie Toy Jepp Wallace Political Pin, 1963 Refuse Truck #15,
Tootsie Toy Gas Tanker, 1960's Matchbox Pony Trailer,
Mahamet Feed & Farm Supply Dan Tharp Owner-key chain Knife,
1967 GMC Refrigerator Truck, Schrador Balloon Tire Gaug -early 1900's with case, Victorinox Switzerland Officer Swiss Knife, punched Railway Ticket, Super Pitch Pipe - SN-4 Ukelele w/box F#, B, D, A, Glass Thermometer, Arcola IL Coop Letter Opener, Toilet Token Nik-O-Lok, Political File, Nixon Political Pin, Small Child's Saw, Small Snow Trac
1964 - No 35, Goldwater Political Pin, Roosevelt Political Pin,
Hot Wheels Red Baron, Tootsie Toy Triumph TR-3 1960 #24 Green,
Arcola Il Letter Opener, Small Midget Toy Hot Rod, Combine Match Box, Tootsie Toy, Small Ellwest Jolar Heads/Tail Coin, Tootsie Toy, Japan Regards Mini Mug, 1976 Spoiler Sport Hulk, Single Serving Butter  Mold, Pole/Railroad Tie Nail - Dated, Child's Screw Driver,
Baby Fork - International Sterling, Pole/Railroad Tie Nail - Dated #80, Rubber Calf, Jessie James Good Luck Souvenir Coin,
Waterloo John Deere Key Chain, Pole/Railroad Tie Nail Dated #11,
1965 IL Mini Plate Red Baron Hot Wheels, Tootsie Toy Firebird, Arthur IL Centennial 1873 - 1975, Queen Quality Shoe Button Hook E.R. Behlmer Sunman IN, 1960 Kellogg - Small IH 1456 Tractor , Dated Nail #52,
Case Knife, Massengill Saferon Drug Corp - Advertising Sade Iron,
Eye Lash Tin, Japan mini Gents Mug, "The Boss" Corn Shuck Hand Spike, 1913 France - WWI Rolling Papers out of a Foot Locker,
Metal Flower Frog, 1950's Ronson Windlite Lighter, Arcola Coop Letter Opener, Brass Cigarette Trimmer,
Coca Cola Ice Pick, Marie's Coffee Shop Mansfield, Ronson Maximus, Child's Hammer, Oatey Soldering Paste, Skate Key,
Pocket Watch Strap with Chain, Japan Mini Regards Mug,
Japan Winston Lighter, Watkins Camphor Ointment Tin,
Child's Screw Driver, Vicks Vapo Rub Sample Tin, Child's Square,
Match Books, Mechanical Pencil, Match Book Farmer City, Eye Lash Tin, Japan Mini Dog, Barlow Knife, Ambassador Motor Inn,
Match Box Dozer, Pair of Blue Ladies Shoe Clips, Metal Toy Windmill, Hearthside Adjustable Dress Form, Full Size Mannequin,
Four Farmhouse Doors, Two Six Foot Wood Ladders, 1-Foot Wood Ladders, Hydrometer, Hydrometer, Burgon & Ball Sheep Shears No. 294 Made in England w/original metal Tag, Walnut Clothes Brush,
Pete Kinney Taylorville Thermometer, Pipe & Cigarette Filter Crystals, Barnwood Divider Screen, Black Vintage Suite case, Wooden Painted Yellow Table one leaf, Large Stainless Flask, Meerschaum Pipe,
Clay Pipe, Medico Nedalist Imported Briar Pipe, Duke Dr. Grabow Pipe, Custombuilt Imported Briarwood, Long Pipe, Jonathan Custom Made Pipe, Custombuilt Imported Briar Wood Pipe, Genuine Briar Pipe Hand Carved,
8 pipe holder large Pipe Stand, 1 small pipe holder stand,
1980 Raggedly Ann & Andy In Tunnel of Lost Toys Book,
Wall Match Book Holder Cast Iron, Oil Aladdin Style Miniature Porcelain Lamp, Hanson Scale , Soup Tureen No Markings with Lid,
1925 Raggedly Ann's Wishing Pebble Book, 1930 Raggedly Ann in the Deep Deep Woods Book, 1924 Raggedly Ann & Andy & the Wrinkled
Knees Book, 1941 The Camel With The Wrinkled Knees by Johnny
Gruelle Co. Book, Shoe Button Hook, Stainless Steel Steak Knives Compliments of Illini FS, Knickerbocker Andy, Vintage Hat Pin, 1960's
Basal Temperature Thermometer in original Box with instructions,
Stainless Steel Steak Knives Compliments of Illini F.S., Brass Amtrak Railroad Padlock with key, NYCS Railroad Pad Lock, Shaving Cup with Brush, Raggedly Ann Brush, Comb and Picture Frame, Youth/Women's Metal Spurs, Railroad Padlock with Key P.C., WLS Korean Truce Map Original Envelope, Rabbit Fur Collar, 25 Piece Nabisco Cereal Toy
1950's - 1960's, Pair of Cast Brass English Stirrups English, Raggedly
Ann Salt & Pepper Shakers, Raggedly Ann , Assorted tweezers &
scissors, X mas Tree on Grey Painted Wood,
4 wood wall shelves unit, blue cushioned wood chair,
Complete Set of Never Fired Fleischman West Germany Model Steam Engine in Box, 1877 - 1976 Chicago Eastern Ill Railroad Fire Bucket, Christmas Wreath, Small Christmas Wreath with Red Bow,
Christmas Sleigh, Canvas Be Kind Picture, Coca Cola Radio/Cassette Player, Bamboo Umbrella, Bamboo Umbrella, Green Christmas Wreath, Wooden Spindle Mr & Mrs. Snowman, Nativity Candle,
Christmas Mason Jar, Christmas Decorations, Metal Wall Votive Holder, Retro Red Scooter, Black metal wine rack, Small metal scoop,
All in One Grater, Metal Sculpture,
3' wide x 8' tall cedar sliding Barn Doors made from recycled Cedar telephone poles with track/hardware,
Christmas Bulbs, Christmas Tablecloth, placemats, table runner,
Oh Holy Night Wooden Sign, Oxen Yoke, Christmas Lights, Assorted Christmas, ornaments, grape vine wreath, Radio/Record Player,
Receiving Basket, 3-Burner Stove in Box, Wrought Iron Table with Beveled Glass Top, Wrought Iron Basket with Handle,
Wood Spools, Wood Rocking Chair, Hand Carved Wood Mirror,
Rocking Chair, Green Metal Basket, Bells, Christmas Tree,
Christmas Tree with Fringe, Three Wood Battery Box Ignition Coils,
Two Small Christmas Trees, Bird Cage, 14 Metal Candle Holders, Decorative Bird House, Lamp Shade,
1975 Bobbs-Merrill Co. Raggedly Ann & Andy Bean Bag,
Double Door Pipe Cabinet, Black Coffee Table, White Framed Mirror,
Wood Armed Chair, Cans of Gulf Oil,
framed Little Girls with dog print,
Arcola, IL Methodist Church Choir Albums,
The Four Seasons Story Album, The Patriot - Charlton Heston CD's,
45 McDonalds Menu Music Chant Record, Small Plaster Column,
Oil on canvas Picture, Clay Marbles
1.   Bag of 19 mixed 1943 steel cents
2.   Book of Lincoln cents 1941-1974
3.   8 Morgan silver dollars; 1879-S, 1883-S,
    1884, 1880, 1887-O, 1891-O, 1897-S, 1921-S
4 ...6 Peace dollars; 1922, 1923-S, 1923, 1924, 1925-S, 1926-S
5.   1 U.S. Constitiution Commemorative silver dollar
6.   7 silver Eagles; 1988, 1990, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009
7.   14 Walking Liberty halves; 1918, 1918-D, 1919, 1919-D, 1920-S,
    1921-S, 1927-S, 1940, 1941-D, 1942, 1942-S, 1944, 1945, 1946
8.   1976 Canadian proof dollar
9.   1 bag mixed foreign coins
10. 3 Famous Masons medals
11. 5 silver certificates
12. 2 red seal $2 bills; 1953 & 1953-A series
13. 15 Mercury dimes; 1944, 1944-D, 1943, 1943-D, 1943-S, 1942,
1942-D,     1941, 1941-D, 1941-S, 1940, 1940-S, 1939, 1939-D, 1938-D

All items pictured sell!

Owners: Eric & Cindy Rodmaker, Pestoum IL
& David Earp, Moweaqua IL
Terms are CASH, Visa, MC or Discover Card with ID & 3% fee on charge cards. Not responsible for accidents or property after it is sold.
All items sold as is, where is. *FOID Card required to purchase any gun or ammo. Auctioneer & staff are not retailers.
Announcements day of sale take precedence of printed material.
Viewing available just before the auction.
Doors open at 10:30am on auction day. Kitchen opens at 4pm.            Auction Zip #19411        
Andy Black Auction Service, LLC
Ph: 217-428-8696 or 217-677-2146 
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