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Regular consignment auctions are held every Thursday evening starting at 5:30PM, at the La Place Auction House located at 210 West Front Street & highway 32, La Place IL 61936 or call us at 217-428-8696 to confirm the auction or event.


We are a full-service auction firm. The La Place Auction House was formerly the La Place Community Building. See the calendar for building events also.

  • We specialize in estates, antiques, collectibles, residential personal effects, and commercial businesses. We have the equipment to handle any kind of auction at your site. We have sold many businesses from grocery stores to machine shops.
  • With years of experience in conducting all types of auctions, my staff and I will take care of all aspects of your auction and conduct it at your site or in our heated/air-conditioned auction house. Our auction house has a concession and clean indoor restrooms.
  • Andy Black Auction Service takes pride in the work we do for you. It is your recommendations to friends and family that makes our business grow. We thank you!
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This Shop and the Merch inside are brought to you by Artocrysty.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the shop feal free to contact CustomerService@Artocrysty.com